Experts in Education:

Irv Moskowitz, Former DPS Superintendent
Evie Hudak, Colorado State Senator, Senate Education Committee Chair
Andy Kerr, Colorado State Senator, Senate Education Committee Member
Steve Ludwig, CU Regent At-Large
Jeannie Kaplan, DPS Board Member
Arturo Jimenez, DPS Board Member
Sharon Bailey, Former DPS Board Member
Laura Lefkowits, Former DPS Board Member
Patti Bippus, Retired Principal, Denver School of the Arts
Cari Riedlin, Retired Principal, Lowry Elementary
Rory Pullens, Former Assistant Principal, Denver School of the Arts

Elected Officials:

Pat Schroeder, Former US Congresswoman
Dennis Gallagher, Denver City Auditor
Lucia Guzman, Colorado State Senator
Paul Rosenthal, Colorado State Representative
Jovan Melton, Colorado State Representative
Susan Shepherd, Denver City Councilwoman
Cindy Lowery-Graber, Former Chair of Denver Democrats


Colorado Latino Forum, Denver Chapter
Denver Area Labor Federation
Denver Classroom Teachers Association
Network for Public Education

Community Leaders:

Debra Adair
Tilman Adair
Bob Alarid
Darrell Anderson
Desirae Arvizu
Rafael Arvizu
Ed Augden
Sally Augden
Karen Babish
Natasha Bagully
Phillip Barber
Heather Bays
Robert Bennett
Laura Bennett
JoAnn Berendt
Beth Bonart Carvell
Sarah Bradley
Karen Bronson
Earleen Brown
Kristi Butkovich
Wayne Butkovich
Meg Caley
Bradley Cameron
Blake Chambliss
Annette Chandler
Kip Cheroutes
Patrick Cleveland
Sue Clinton
Gail Collins
Ronnie Crawford
Paul Day-Lucore
Edward DeCroce
Sherry Eastlund
Darrell Edwards
Kris Farris
Dave Felice
Mary Lou Fenili
Val Flores
Michael Fox
David French
Daniel Ford
Bobbi Furer
Lori Goldman
Barb Goldstein
Robert Gratiot
Holly Graves
Nicole Green
Russ Green
Dan Greibenaw
Don Greibenaw
Dorolyn Greibenaw
Joe Halpern
David Halterman
Glenn Hanley, Ph.D.
C.L. Harmer
Michele Harris
Joe Heitkamp
Stacey Hervey
David Hunt
Erin Hunt
Billy Husher
Leslie Kaplan
Stephan Kaplan
John Kopperud
Donna Kornfeld
Tom Korson
Sheila Kowal
Renee Lewis
Jane Lorimer
Erin Lowe
J. D. MacFarlane
John MacPherson
Ellis McFadden
Lanie Maes
Tammi Marocco
Karen Miller
Mike Miller
Shannon Miller
Matt Monley
Terri Monley
Dan Muse, Former Denver City and County Attorney
Alison Neet
Jill Nelson
Steve Nissen
Pamela Norton-Shelpuk
Prilla O’Connell
Carole Oyler
Owen Perkins
Val Petrov
Elena Petrova
Susan Pinkney-Todd
Judy Plock
Aimee Preston
Maggie Price
Steve Replogle
Kathleen Riley
Vicki Rottman
Jay Rust
Kathleen Rust
Mary Sam
David Schachter
Luke Schachter
Katie Schachter
Suzanne Schneider
Sara Schomp
Lisa Schomp
Caroline Schomp
J. L. (Jeanne) Schultheis Price
Marsha Simmons
Clark Strickland
Emily Sirota
Shawn Smith
Cheryl Solko
Linda Strand
Paul Tourangeau
Kristen Tourangeau
Jeremy VanHooser
Jane Wasson
Joel Weissman
Rick Van Wie
Danielle Wilkerson

“I cannot think of anyone I would rather have representing this community after I leave.  Meg’s passion for our schools and knowledge of the district will help ensure a continued community voice on this board.”

- Jeannie Kaplan, DPS Board Member District 3

“As a former Denver School Board Member, I know the level of commitment and knowledge needed to do this job well.  Like her mother, Kay, who was a great mentor to me, Meg has the passion, drive, and understanding needed to create a world class public school system for all of our students. Meg is not a politician. She is a passionate advocate for Denver’s children who will bring common sense and civility into the boardroom. She is, without question, the best candidate to represent District 3 and I am proud to endorse her.”

- Laura Lefkowits, Former DPS Board Member

“Meg Schomp on the DPS School Board would be a great asset to the students, their families, and the staff who comprise DPS.  During my eight years as Principal at DSA I had the opportunity to work closely with Meg during the planning of the building and as we designed and tweaked the program, hired staff, and built a supportive community framework for the school.

“Needless to say, I had multiple occasions to watch “Meg in action”.   It was remarkable to experience her thoughtful mind, her creative and responsible risk taking, her solid judgment, her understanding of student needs and parent dreams, her political adroitness, her connections to the staff,  her willingness to take strong stands and her willingness to be open to new ideas and flexible in her thinking.

“In every instance her # 1 priority was always to make sure students had a program that challenged them to stretch their learning –  in an environment of high expectations – among people who respected them and cared deeply about their success.”

- Patti Bippus, Former Principal of the Denver School of the Arts

“I have spent the last seven years attempting to unravel the exotic pension financial deals that have cost DPS hundreds of millions of dollars.  What I know about Meg is that she will be an honest and transparent steward of taxpayer money who will make sure that your money goes into the classroom, not into the pockets of bankers, bond lawyers and hedge fund managers.  As a former DPS teacher and administrator, I want to know that my tax monies are spent appropriately.  Meg Schomp will ensure that Denver Dollars are spent on Denver Kids.”

- John MacPherson

“Meg Schomp’s desire for educator excellence is literally in her DNA.  Her mother Kay Schomp was an education civil rights leader during her tenure on the school board a generation ago and her daughter carries that torch today.  Schomp is not only an active parent in her children’s schools, but has also been a community champion for public education.  Her role in both Denver School of the Arts and Denver Green School is admirable, including serving on the board of the DSA Friends Foundation.  Her desire to bring quality parent, teacher, and community driven schools to every neighborhood is what makes her our choice to replace Jeannie Kaplan who, after eight years of serving with distinction, is retiring from the Board.”

- Denver Classroom Teachers Association

“Meg Schomp will be a board member who supports what’s best for the community. She supports teachers, children and the community. I know her well, and she’ll work hard and do a good job! After 35 years working in the public schools as a teacher I feel secure in saying this about her. Vote for Meg Schomp!”

- Sara Schomp

“From my conversations with Meg, what I liked about her the most was her willingness to work with everyone.  I know she will bring the different sides together to do what’s best for Denver’s kids.  I was also impressed by her passion for ensuring a well rounded curriculum for our kids, with arts, music, sports, and other activities so that our students are prepared for 21st century challenges in a global economy.”

- Paul Rosenthal, HD9 State Representative 

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