I am running to make sure the voices of the public are heard and listened to as DPS makes decisions affecting our schools.

I believe Denver Public Schools’ students, families, teachers and taxpayers in District 3 need a representative who understands and appreciates their concerns and will advocate for them on the Board.  District 3 is fortunate to be home to many great schools, but there is still a lot of work to be done here and across the city.

It’s a sad fact that the zip code in which a student lives still seems to determine much about the quality of the education he or she receives. As your representative on the Denver Public Schools Board of Education I will listen carefully, solicit community input and work to ensure that all DPS students have access to quality schools in their neighborhoods, whether they live in District 3 or elsewhere in the city.

Fortunately, one of the largest problems we currently face in DPS and in our own District 3 could be solved easily: a lack of two-way communication that leads to community disenfranchisement.  While many parents and community members spend their evenings and weekends volunteering at our schools, those voices have been shut out of the decision-making process too often and their desires regarding the schools they pay for as taxpayers disregarded.  I believe that parents, teachers, and community members have an important role to play not just in electing a board, but also in advising the Board and the DPS administration on issues affecting their schools and neighborhoods.   As your District 3 representative, I will carry your voice, the voice of the community, to 900 Grant Street.